“Love is a cycle. It is the beginning, middle, and end. It is a Full Moon reigning in her most robust state. It is Half Moon–a symbol of abundance not deficiency. It is Quarter Moon the size of a fingernail guiding us in the direction of our personal journeys. It is New Moon restarting the phases again and again and again. A realization that there is no need to worry over lack because we shall become full again.” –excerpt from Estamos Unidos


A realization that there is no need to worry over lack because we shall become full again.


Within every ending there is a new beginning and within every new beginning there is always an ending. The great news is that the dark phases of our lives will end, and the sad news is that even the light will come to pass. I am learning to accept this simple, but powerful multi-faceted truth for our earth. Phases are a natural course and they happen both at a universal, and personal level. I am on a sacred journey of remembering what honoring my personal rhythm looks like so I may become an authentic role model for my time within humanity.


Death has always been a topic I’ve stayed away from for it is the ultimate confrontation with the unknown. It is the one calling we do not have the power to choose to avoid. It is the second agreement after birth that we must abide by. It can be postponed, but eventually we will all have to witness our deaths. No human can outplay or outsmart an ending.


I am remembering that death is merely a cycle as well. It is both the closing and opening of a door, with the terrain beyond being one not yet explored. Death is the elevation to another state of consciousness, one more in tune and connected with the multiple planes around us. Death is the universal as life is to the personal.


I have continuously tried to pretend that death does not exist, that if I armor myself well enough I may be able to numb it from existence. Oh, how I’ve deceived myself all these years with this fake invincibility complex. I’ve created a false sense of protection to avoid coming into the purity of my full truths-of being Latinx. Of being First Generation. Low-Soc. Highly Sensitive. Empathic. Psychic. Queer. Trans. Fluid. Non-Monogamous. Demi-Sexual. Fluid within my core.


The most I have done is waste my precious energy of time which could have been redirected to harvesting my joy; a joy that is meant to be shared with the universal.


I am so far from “normal” and binaries. This truth makes it hard to function in a society which is fueled by these concepts. I have been afraid of how many people will view me due to their own internalized fear of the unknown and the repression of their holistic selves.

I see too many people choosing fear to dictate their lives to avoid the fullness of themselves.

 It’s easier to repress and not face the complex and dark parts of oneself. It’s easier to project ideas of how things should be rather than see them for what they actually are.


I was sitting alone in my office for my first professional job when I received the message.

Oya is entering your life now”

I didn’t know too much about Oya, but I knew she intimidated me. She is the Orisha of transformation, death, storms, winds of change. She owns the cemetery and can be found in the marketplace. She means business when she enters your life, which can be harsh, but also very direct.


Death is the ultimate confrontation with the unknown. It is majestic swan resurrecting from the journey through great mystery. Death is the subtle ripples along her back. It is the cleanse reclaiming secrets lost at sea.”

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